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Ignore Details Early On

I was re-reading “Getting Real” from 37 Signals and stumbled across a very important chapter, that resonated with me. Now that I think of it, that’s also one of the reasons why I fired my first client (yes, I do that as well!). I share a small excerpt below, check it out.

Work from large to small.

We’re crazy about details. The space between objects The perfect type leading The perfect color The perfect words Four lines of code instead of seven 90% vs 89% 760px vs 750px $39/month vs. $49/month

Success and satisfaction is in the details.

However, success isn’t the only thing you’ll find in the details. You’ll also find stagnation, disagreement, meetings, and delays. These things can kill morale and lower your chances of success.

How often have you found yourself stuck on a single design or code element for a whole day? How often have you realized that the progress you made today wasn’t real progress? This happens when you focus on details too early in the process. There’s plenty of time to be a perfectionist. Just do it later.

Don’t worry about the size of your headline font in week one. You don’t need to nail that perfect shade of green in week two. You don’t need to move that “submit” button three pixels to the right in week three. Just get the stuff on the page for now. Then use it. Make sure it works. Later on you can adjust and perfect it.

Details reveal themselves as you use what you’re building. You’ll see what needs more attention. You’ll feel what’s missing. You’ll know which potholes to pave over because you’ll keep hitting them. That’s when you need to pay attention, not sooner.

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